The Great Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

The memory foam mattress was developed to protect individuals in the medical arena and later found commercial applications in the mattress industry. The core benefit of memory foam is that it counteracts the downward pulling weight versus the upward resistance in the mattress layers. The result means sensitive areas of the body are protected, minimising the risk of pain and creating optimal circulation levels in the body.

Unlike spring beds and other material mattresses, memory foam does not push back and place additional pressure against the sleeper. The material instead adjusts to the contour of your body rather than having the sleeper’s body get forced adjust.


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Foam Mattress Lifespan Better Than Spring Mattress

The integral makeup of memory foam means a longer life span and better durability over spring mattresses that will inevitably sag in places. Sagging springs lead to discomfort and affect sleeping posture due to the uneven surface. The general feedback from people is that there is a higher satisfaction rate with foam memory mattresses over spring loaded beds. A quality of rest throughout the sleeping cycle is better using memory foam.



With the particular type of material the memory foam mattress is made up of which is dense, leaves no space for dust mite migration and places for them to breed. Using a hypoallergenic mattress cover along with frequent hovering can keep the bedroom almost dust mite free.


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